Thanks ah eh

To all future home owners , i URGED that all of you please do a background checked not only on the company profile but on the owner themselves. For i have been conned. Yes conned ! This post will be a lengthy and might be full of vulgarities as i really cannot comprehend that this had happen to us.

As updated previously i had gotten my house keys. And we went around looking for affordable reliable reno contractors. We did some comparison and relatively found one that matches our budget as both me and H are on a tight budget. We did not want to take any loans thus we will be paying everything by our hard earned cash money.

Thus we came across this company “Carpentry Design Pte Ltd” . The company was handled by  ladyboss by the name of Sharlyne or should i say real name is Husniyati. So we went down to the showroom located in telok kurau as they were giving out promo end of year deal as seen in FB. The outcomes and crowd were overwhelming. Besides the reviews that was posted have been good so far. So we came to a decision to grab the deal. Like i mean why not right since the deal fits out budget. So we went on with the legal signing of documentation bla bla. Make our 20% deposit to secure the documents while waiting for our material selections and our 3d layout drawing to be done.

1st few weeks of the progression was good meaning that they updated us promptly on what are the stages to be done. And we had our aircon fixed. So …  we think that our future house will be ready in no time as they had promised us by late february since jan is during the peak of chinese new yr they are afraid to commit as some contractors might not be around due to the festive period. In which both me and H totally understand la kan.  We also do not want them to rush the job as we are not in a rush and we want it to be done tip top not semangat dua puluh sen kind. To us,  as long we can have the house by april before the start of fasting month we are contented. See how lenient we are ? And yet the mother******* do these kind of shit to us. We had opt for the hacking of the kitchen wall and do a layout of the island top and thus we need the HDB aproval. In which it dragged on for almost nearing to 2 months plus. Early feb , the boss claims that they wanted to start commencing the carpentry build up for the cabinets thus they need another 50% downpayment. In which we gave it to her thinking that we will be getting our house soon since its already march. Nasib kita mcm kentang lah cause the guy that took our project was arrested (im not gg to disclosed anything here since it is not about him), and which we also get to know late jan. The lady boss assigned us another in charge where we had to go back to the main office all the way to posh hub at yishun just for clarification and to ensure that the handover was properly done.  So another lady took over the project and senang kata we had to start back where the 1st guy have left off. So far the progression was that we had our aircon installed , gotten us to switch the gas , water and eletric supplier. Mind you , we signed the deal on 7 dec and that was the only progression. They mentioned that because HDB have not given any form of approval they are not able to do anything else as they need to hack the kitchen wall 1st and there will be debris all over which is why vinyl flooring , window grills were not fixed yet. We did not think much about it. But then again ah , kepala hotak korang berjambul lah if kotor then kemas balik je lah. Apprently after donkey months of waiting since dec and the hu ha we received the email from HDB mentioning that for our walls we require a special permission to hack the wall as our walls contain pe ( ada steel kt one of the walls ). So again the reno comp request for money in which this one i can relate to as for special hacking of the walls the owners have to bare the charges. Janjinya after immediate payment they will apply the approval in which it will take 7 to 10 working days. One week have past and there was no update so when i enquire about it only then i get to find out that the lady in charge of my project has resigned. Jst imagine if i nvr asked for the progression of the house , i wouldn’t know a single damn shit about it. Both H and i are losing our patience already. Imagine from dec till date only aircon was installed. Thus i decided to asked the ladyboss herself. She mentioned that she herself will take over our home project and she also informed us thatthe HDB has approved our PE. Banyak punya temberang eh dasar ular.

Only ytd i got to find out that apparently the reno company have been viral in facebook saying that they have been conned. Mcm nk pengsan when i read that post. Im still in shocked right now. Like why on earth did you have to be so lowly to do all these deeds ? I very well know that you are pregant right now with your 7th child but what gives you the right to do all these to us ? All other home owners that i contacted with are truly appalled at both you and your husb’s behaviour. Super disgusting. Tak amanah. Duit tuh aku tak halal kan. Freaking $18k ! Mak kau hijau lah. As im writing all these i am actually on my way to NPP. Mampus lah kau. Justice will be served.


I Tau Dah Basi …..

Hello hello. Ya allah i mcm perasaan yang i tk update my post wedd review. If ada pun like very brief aja. Tgh scroll album in my hp sekali baru TER-perasaan that I have yet to update and share some of my wedding photos. (I know I had shared previously but …. it is not entire of it. Kasi chance please I tau I da pengantin basi) Heheh. So first and foremost I would like to thank my family, my siblings for their never ending moral support from the start of the prep till the ending of the wedding

** Exclude my mum, my youngest Brother,my nenek, and my aunty and ofc nearest relative. Can’t seem to find their photos inside. (Sorry)


This money box is done beautifully by my talented colleague at work. And best is its FOC. Hehe sayang kau


Sadly, I didn’t managed to take all of the dulang. Dulangs is done by yours truly (ehem ehem*) with the help of my mum. Base all that me tau. * Eksyen lah pula.

Next up is ofc my orang orang kuat which is my B.M and MOH. I couldn’t thanked them enough for what they had helped throughout the whole event. Dengan rambut berserabai berpeluh peleh they stood by me. I love you girls. And of course to my MOH siti khadijah you’re exceptional.  I give you 5 bintang. ( Sadly I do not have the photos of us in my phone)


Okay ni part one. Macam panjang pula review. Ikutkan hati nk squeeze je semua in one entry. Sekali mcm too long. Haha .. Besok ke lusa i continue. I pwomiseeee. Penat nak type actually. Hehe goodnight






Bak kata patah pepatah MYOB

Hi beautiful earthlings. It is only monday sooo its quite a distant till it met weekends. Bohooo 😕 Anyway this post is definitely not wedding (chey nak jugak , padahal da pengantin basi siket ) or house related. But more to people around you.

Seriously I have no issue but do people nowadays lack conscience or do they own a two face mask like literally alot ? I just don’t get how one can act pretty normal and the next thing they can BIT**ED behind you. Well if you think that is normal then the problem lies in you. How can one not have any sense of guilt or scared that karma might hit downright back in your stupiak face. That is one. The other thing is please lah tolong jaga “tepi kain sendiri” can ? Don’t have to ACT concern or whatsoever when it is never your intention in the first place besides being just a “Makcik Kpo” yang mesti ada je nk share with ur so called colleague. Pls eh perangai got to go. No I’m not here to rant but binget lah why species macam gini masih exist.I thought dah berzaman extinct. Ouh tak eh ? I’m so sorry but I have to be blunt about it I tak suke two-faced people. Yang penting don’t pretend. I don’t need neither your sympathy nor your “concern”. Memang tak akan mendatangkan faedah for me to entertain and to stood to your level. I believe in Kifarah. In shaa allah. Bak kata pepatah ( lagi hehe ) “Buat Baik Berpada-pada, Buat Jahat Jangan Sekali” and no i’m no saint. In fact I’m quite far from it. But at least I don’t go around sticking my nose to every single thing that is happening and tell out tales to everyone or anyone lah yer.

I can bet you alls mesti ada “kawan”  macam ni kan. Bersabor je lah. Kalau tak kite “bakor” je org mcm ni. Till then xoxo



Initially the date to collect our house keys was due estimated on late Feb/ early March. Then HDB updated us that we are expecting our house keys much earlier. So they send us an email to collect our house keys on 11th Feb. Oh boy , that was super fast than what we both had expected. But because 11th Feb was during CNY week we had to postpone our collection date due to myself unable to get the leave. So if any of you are wondering if it is possible to change the date of the actual collection date the answer is yes. It is possible. All you need to do is to just dialled the hotline for Hdb and get them directed to the person. So we changed our appointment date to 17th Feb instead.

So what to be expected on the day of the appointment? You need to bring the documents that was mailed to you by HDB. And of course if you applied under the fiance/fiancee scheme you have to bring your original marriage cert and your ID as well as your passbook for bank. Our appointment was at 4.10pm. Being the kiasu kanchiong person I really wanted to be there latest by 4pm. Not to say what but I dont want to be late for the appointment since we wouldn’t know what to do when we reached there like confirm lost kind. Like where to proceed, what to do  all. So on that particular day Mr H was late in reaching back home. I pull a long “taik” face already and I swear I grumble alot since its like the most important day and I really don’t want us to be late. Like what if we are late will we still be able to get the keys. Urggh. Asked Mr H to be home by 320pm so we can reached by 4pm. He reached home at 330pm gedebak gedebuk we went out by 345pm 😤 I tell you I sumpah serana already in my heart. Seriously how can guys be so laidback one ? Like no need to worry all. He assured me we definitely reach by 4pm. All I can do was to pray that he is right. And soooo we reach by 4pm. Just nice eh. Laju gila member bawak motor i think but to me he is rather slow cus he got bawak moto even faster than this lor. But nevermind lucky we can reach by 4pm. So what we did was 1stly scanned our document at the self service kiosk to get our queue ticket. Then we proceed upstairs to Level 2 to purchased our HDB fire insurance. By then the procedure took approximately about 10 to 15 mins. I already started looking uneasy lor like did we missed our number already cause I hear alot of ting ting numbers being called out. Okay calm yo titties girl. So we head back down to level one and scanned the queue numbers to see if we miss ours or not. Yek eleh even though its pass 4.10pm already we are still 3 numbers behind. So we had to wait for our turn patiently (But just be safe than sorry come early for your appointment just to ensure a smooth sailing one) and so when its our turn we went in and meet the officer in charged. A friendly one and the OIC incharged cannot believe I’m 24 and married. She says I’m too petite. (KEMBANG JAP. I KNOW TAK IRRELEVANT. HAHA) okay okay back to it, we proceed in handling over th documents required. The whole procedure took about 20 to 40 mins. Mind you alot of documents needs to be signed. Penat tangan chek sign. Dah macam artist gitu loh. The final procedure is to proceed to Level 3 to pay for our “tong sampah” ( sorry suddenly I cant remember the actual word of it in english 😂😂 ) so yes that is about it. Keys, Postcards, Pens, Files and a bag was given to us. Very convenient and nice of HDB to give us all that since its a lot to bring back home. So this is it. Cpf all wiped out. Need to start from scratch. But lucky for us no cash component is required. Syukuran.

And so we only got the chance to view our house on Saturday. Don’t asked me why we never view it on the day itself. Its another story.  Tapi memang ah if dapat view the house the day itself kan lagi bagus. Tgh excited what. And so how was the house ?? It was quite dissapointing for the kitchen. So kecik. Like literally. Okay but nevermind that aside, it cannot be help I mean like all HDB BTO house is like that. What to expect ? We will just make do  and make the best out of it. We inspected every nook and crook of the house from the window to the doors to the floors. And it seems that it was fine to us






20160220_182606_001THE LORONG TO OUR ROOMS

Actually that is photos that i managed to take because Mr H is already outside the flat and I don’t want to be left inside the house so I kelam kabut already. Haha so yeayy one down and more more to go. Furniture , appliances and reno contractors starts now. Leggo #E12H12

Boss punya birthday

Pardon me for the long hiatus. Wahh I’ve been really procastinating about writing the revies for my vendors. Bukan taknak , malas nk type. Too long to do a writeup. Haha 😂😂

So here i am just popping by to do an update on my blog. Walaupun dah tkde pape nk update tetap I nak update. Hehe. Okay so H’s birthday is coming soon. 1st time ni celebrating as Hubs and Wife lah kire .. haha so must be happening. Lols. Well for his gift, he asked for either Arai Shuriken or Curtler and Cross specs. Amboi bang, harga suma boleh tahan eh. Ni helmet ni , satu kepala je tau tapi you already have 4 arais already tau. Tu pun tk ckup kah ?! Suka lu lah boss. Ok back to my hotel booking story so i have booked this hotel at a good deal you alls




Its a good steal. Nasib gue nampak ni deal. Hehe. Dah tuje I nak update. Hehe.

Coming Soon

Hi beautiful people,
Sorry for the long hiatus. No I’m not preoccupied with anything. Just plain lazy to update and well since I have dont have anything much to update. I can’t believe that wedding is over and that i actually miss the whole waiting game for wedding. Yes i do. When BTBs are all counting down for their big day, i felt that i’m missing it. If only there is a repeat mode button. Jst the counting down not the preparations that i missed. Hahah. So its like i have nothing much to look forward. No countdowns for me 😂

Well I do actually. Getting the keys to my new abode. Which is …. jeng jeng jeng …


Yeay. I dah nak dapat rumah sehhh. Well excited tuh not really. More of a denial state like for real ah I’m getting them keys ?! Alamak all the renovations the household appliance basically everything to get your house started .. makes my stomach churned. I don’t even know how to begin outsourcing the affordable reliable contractor. Yes I have been pm-ing in FB for quotations. And that is about it. Walao. I am that clueless lah. If any kakak kakak can recomend me any good contractors pls update me.

Lelong lelong

Hi you alls,
As some of you ladies know that I do my own diy gubahan trays and my own photobooth now that Im done and kver with the event will any of you ladies be keen to takeover these unwanted but still in good conditions gubahan trays and some props for photobooth. Anything can just beep me 😊😊